Like Plagiarizing Candy From A Baby!

14 12 2010

Imagine this: You are in your office working the hardest of your life, you are writing the most magnificent piece of art your mind can create at the moment. You double check it, edit it, etc. just to have a final work of art. A journal, a comment, a reading, anything as long as you have written it. Suddenly out of no where comes this magnificent random guy, steps into your office, pics up your work and publish it as it’s own. How would you feel? happy cause you helped someone? sad cause you did not receive credit? or just the need to do some massacre on the random person? (massacre but not in a deadly gory way). I know I would feel the same, why? well I did not spent time of my life so that someone else comes and plagiarizes you work. On the other had, I admit it, I have used works of other people on my works, but your not going to get hurt just by giving credit to the owner. In the early days the only place you could achieve some information was either on the newspaper or on a encyclopedia (books), nowadays you just have to type and you are finding pretty much everything. Now that I am in college I now see the huge amount of people who does not even care and plagiarizes works, but back in the day on elementary, secondary and high school, I did not even knew the word plagiarism, the amount of work I did without giving credit to the writers. Well, plagiarism cannot be solved, but it can be a great helper as long as you are an honest person. Anyways, good luck on your original works, and stop the plagiarism.


Equality…Yeah Right!

2 12 2010


“Nobody can give you freedom. Nobody can give you equality or justice or anything. If you’re a man, you take it.” Malcolm X. Egalitarianism is a word derived from the French meaning equal. Equality has been a talking matter since the day the world was born, starting with the creation of Eve, where she was taken from a rib of Adam making thus making her equal to him, neither superior nor inferior. Therefore if God created all of us that way, then why are people treated like dirt, when others are treated like kings. If we are all equal, why women are still fighting for their rights, if we are equal then why there is a low, medium and high class society.  The government of this country does not believe in equality, they believe low society should be taken care of so they basically give them food to their mouths like babies. If you want to live like a king on this country, don’t study, don’t work and claim the “cupones” and I am pretty sure you would be better economically than someone who gives his hundred percent in life.  Sometimes I wonder what people like Martin Luther King Jr. would feel right know, knowing that all those years where they fought for a better future for everybody where in some way wasted. Not all hope is lost, but sometimes you just feel the urge to give up. Sadly sexism and racism, is still living amongst us and it is up to the people to put a stop to it because the government does pretty much nothing.

On this carton you see three people, a black man, a woman and a white man and they are all holding a cup of wine making a toast. ¡POR LA IGUALDAD! (FOR EQUALITY!). The cups of wine are used as symbol; a toast is often represented as a celebration on this case, equality. The white man’s cup is extremely bigger meaning there is no equality, you can assume they are all important people because of the suits but as real life goes, black people will always be victims of racism, and women will fight against sexism until the day they are treated as equal to a man.

I guess I felt Egyptian today!

23 11 2010

Tell me why I had to be a Powerslave
I don’t wanna die, I’m a God,
Why can’t I live on?
When the Life Giver dies,
All around is laid waste,
And in my last hour,
I’m a Slave to the Power of Death.”

Almost like Sherlock Holmes

16 11 2010

We live in a world where anything can happen and in this case religion and science is happening. This has been a major controversy on a society that are like puppets. You see, it is just like the saying: “monkey see, monkey do” we the society tent to do what everybody else is doing just to fit in. So many people has followed Scientology just because as other they want answers. Me being a Christian as thought me that every act that God does is a mystery and it is sin to question that mystery. I admit sometimes I wonder what would happen the day I die, obviously I know it is either Heaven or Hell but how it would happen..I eventually do not think about it because in that particular moment is where the mystery of God begins, the moment where he takes my soul and pretty much does what he wants with it. On the other hand, there are the atheist. Many people believe atheist hate God and worship Satan, I think not. Atheist just don’t believe in either one, also I got atheist friends and I really don’t care what they think or say, I just stand to my believes. So in the paper; Mystery and Evidence by Tim Crane his thesis is: “But is this the right way to think about religion? Here Iwant to suggest that it is not, and to try and locate whatseem to me some significant differences between science and religion.” A question he later on answer and it goes like this: This point gets to the heart of the difference between science and religion. Religion isan attempt to make sense of the world, but it does not try and do this in the wayscience does. Science makes sense of the world by showing how things conform to itshypotheses. The characteristic mode of scientific explanation is showing how events fitinto a general pattern.Religion, on the other hand, attempts to make sense of the world by seeing a kind ofmeaning or significance in things. This kind of significance does not need laws orgeneralizations, but just the sense that the everyday world we experience is not allthere is, and that behind it all is the mystery of God’s presence. The believer is alreadyconvinced that God is present in everything, even if they cannot explain this orsupport it with evidence. But it makes sense of their life by suffusing it with meaning.

Academic Writing

11 11 2010

1. What is one myth about AW?

Myth #3: Perfect First Drafts

Many people get involved on making the first draft so perfect, they end up breaking their heads.

2. How is writing in college a “specialized” writing situation?

Sometimes you do not feel like writing is to special but maybe if you think of it as a slice of pizza you will enjoy it.

3. What kind of  research knowledge do you need?

All the knowledge you need is the joy of searching and almost becoming a detective to obtain the info you need.

4. Give a definition of argument according to the reading.

A convincing statement which can put you in a defensive position on court cand you have to negotiate your argument untill you prover your innocence.

5. What is the difference between analysis and summary?

An analysis has to be strict. It has to have very thoughtful answers and cite phrases or anything the author states. A summary, you just write almost what you think its a convincing statement.

Wasted Years – Iron Maiden

11 10 2010

When I feel like remembering the past….this is my cure!!!

“Me Write Pretty One Day” Yoda?? O.o

10 10 2010

Seriously enough I found myself laying on bed reading just the tittle “Me Talk Pretty One Day – By David Sedaris” and to my mind came at the speed of light, Yoda (from Star Wars). In some sort of funny way I found myself intrigued into reading this story. As I was reading, I felt as if this story was either tragic or horror, just the thought of having a teacher like that sent chills down my spine, but still I continued with the reading. Finishing the story, I realized I knew what David was feeling, thanks to God I have never had a teacher like that, but I felt as if my language was very poor. I am good at English but sometimes I find it hard to speak, write or even read. So yeah sometimes I have to use a little of Spanglish to communicate myself but more difficult is learning a new language. I took Italian last semester of College and I was so pumped up I could not even stand myself. Fist day came and class was awesome, I learned new things and I knew I was in the right place. A month passed and I hated Italian. Languages are full of surprises just like everything in life. Dedication is the key to learning and to be sincere I did not have it. Italian just like every language it is not about studying, it is about practicing it. To this day all I can remember is Buongiorno, Comme ti chiami? Cuanti anni hai? etc. the basics. I can remember some more stuff and I know I can read it, but since I am not putting much effort now I know I would eventually forget it. The teacher was not like the teacher David had, but I am starting to think that if he would have been like her, I would have put more effort in it. Since I do not want to loose my English skills I try to speak it, read it and having this blog I can write more often than I would usually do. So my friends…if you think learning Math is a pain in the back region of your human body try learning a new language. 😛